Uccelliera (Montalcino)

A ndrea Cortonesi farms his vineyards with extraordinary care. When you compare his vines with the surrounding vineyards, you can clearly see the devotion he extends to them. He does the same in his small cantina. We can happily report that even now with his global fame…he is still one of the kindest and most soft spoken gents you will meet.


Wines Currently Available
  • Brunello
  • Brunello Riserva
  • Rapace
  • Rosso


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I was blown away with the wines I tasted at Uccelliera this year. Proprietor Andrea Cortonesi showed me the entirety of his Brunellos in cask, which provided fascinating insights into the evolution of this small, family-run property. To be honest, I had never been a huge fan of Cortonesi’s Brunellos until the 2004 vintage, as I often found the wines excessively heavy. Not coincidentally, 2004 is the first year Cortonesi worked with lower temperatures in fermentation which resulted in wines of superb elegance and delineation. Uccelliera is now without question one of the handful of top producers in Montalcino. – Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate


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