Cesar Florido

Cesar Florido is the last Almacenista (an estate that does not buy or sell sherry to any of the big sherry houses) left in the village of Chipiona making Moscatel. There are only two other big houses making sherry in Chipiona.

Cesar is a direct descendant of the family. The secret to the brilliance of all Cesar’s sherries is his location. His Bodega is only 50 meters from the ocean, creating Fino’s, Palo Cortado’s, Olorosos’ and Moscatels that are all kissed by the sea. All of Cesar’s sherries have bright, high tone, salty qualities and an abudance of cleansing acidity.



Wines Currently Available
  • Fino
  • Moscatel Dorado
  • Moscatel
  • Pasas

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