Trabanco (Asturias)

Like most families from the Asturian countryside, the Trabanco family have always made their own cider from their own apples, but in 1925 Emilio Trabanco decided to turn this family hobby into a family business. Trabanco cider quickly became known throughout the region as the premier natural cider from Asturias.

The Trabanco cider house is located in the town of Gijón. In it can be found an incredible array of old chestnut barrels dating back to the turn of the 20th century, with some barrels large enough to hold up to 20,000 liters. The enormous square presses are made of wood and just as old as the barrels. They have also recently started to add stainless steel equipment to insure a consistent and fresh product.

They produce two different styles of cider that are currently available. Their traditional style cider is the Trabanco Cosecha Propia. This cider is unique among those produced in Asturias. It is made from estate grown apples of numerous native apple varietals that have been approved by the Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers. The juice is fermented with indigenous yeasts and in accordance to the guidelines for “Naturally Fermented Quality Cider” producing a low alcohol cider that is tart and without carbonation. Trabanco’s second cider is an innovative project made from a selection of apples from the best orchards within the DOP. These apples are meticulously hand sorted and pressed using the old wooden presses. The must is then transferred to select old barrels where it undergoes fermentation using indigenous yeast. Once fermentation is complete, the cider is put into bottle with a dose of apple must to initiate secondary fermentation. It is fermented for six months before being disgorged. This product is named Poma Áurea for the special golden color of this unique cider, made in the méthode champénoise.  Learn more.


Wines Currently Available
  • Poma Aurea (Methode Champenoise Natural Cider)
  • Cosecha Propria (Natural Cider)
For more information, please call (415) 492-9411 or email
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