The apex example of an “overachiever” Giovanni Dubini makes great and serious wine, from his 50 year old vines in beige/volcanic soil of Palazzone, it just happens to be from Orvieto. Learn more.

The wine: Terre Vineate

50% Procanico, 20% Grechetto, 10% each Verdello, Drupeggio, Malvasia. All are indigenous to the area.

100% stainless steel, native yeast. All five varieties are fermented together, to allow a complete “marrying of the flavors.”



The vineyard:

Terre Vineate is the name of the land of “Palazzone” on medieval maps.

350 meters in elevation, soils are a mix of volcanic tufa, clay, sandy loam and calcium-ancient seabed.

The vines are 47 years old, planted by the Dubini family in 1970 when they bought the property.

Farmed organically.



The property:

Palazzone is the ancient name for the “refuge” from the 1100’s, a rest stop on the trail of pilgrims from Milano to Roma. Now an elegant hotel, it is a magnificent two story structure built of native stone.

Long before that, the Etruscans were here and there are a number of tombs and necropoli on the Palazzone property. In fact, the bottle aging room is a Etruscan tomb from 800 BC.



The man:

Giovanni Dubini is an extremely hardworking, driven, quality obsessed winemaker. Although his land happens to fall in the Orvieto zone, he makes Terre Vineate first and foremost. With blind regard for his neighbors and the competition, Dubini forged on, planting grapes in places that others thought insane, working only with native grapes (while his neighbors planted Chardonnay) and building a very simple cellar, as he “does almost nothing in the cantina, it all happens in the vineyard.” There are numerous press reports and articles in the Italian papers about Dubini, “the man who saved Orvieto.” He brushes praise aside, as he acknowledges that the other producers of Orvieto (and Orvieto as a DOC) need help, but he produces “Terre Vineate…not Orvieto.” The fact “that it says Orvieto on the label is only because our land in that zone.”


If there was a podium for the best Umbrian growers, Giovanni Dubini would certainly deserve the top spot. It is partly thanks to Giovanni that people are enthusiastic about Orvieto, despite the areas many problems. Giovanni’s secret is one of the regions best terroirs in superb wine country, backed up, yet never constrained by a relaxed, classic style. Giovanni’s white wines are contemporary testimony to the great potential of this region.

-Gambero Rosso

Palazzone is one of my favorite wineries in Umbria. Proprietor Giovanni Dubini excels in crafting personality-driven Orvietos that have a little more textural depth than is the norm in this part of Umbria.

-Antonio Galloni


Palazzone is one of the flagship wineries of Umbria.

-Monica Larner The Wine Advocate

Wines currently available

  • Vignarco (young vines Orvieto)
  • Terre Vineate Orvieto
  • Campo del Guardiano
Giovanni Dubini- owner/winemaker
Giovanni Dubini- owner/winemaker


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