The Malabaila’s are a noble family with ties to the present cantina back to the year 1200. A document from 1362 is the first to mention the family vineyard. The castle (now the family home) was used by the Dukes of Savoy for “large Court parties and weddings.”


Today the cantina in Canale is managed by Lucrezia Carrega Malabaila (the 65th generation) who has a global perspective on wines and has adapted the Malabaila wines to a fresher, lighter style.  She is assisted by Alfredo Falletti, who has worked in the cantina for thirty years.  Classic Roero wines, the Malabaila wines are soft and balanced, due to the very sandy, white/beige soils of the Roero. It is important to point out that the soils – just across the Tanaro River- in Barbaresco and Barolo are much heavier and are clay and marl based. Learn more.


Wines currently available

  • Roero Arneis DOCG
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
  • Roero Bric Volta Nebbiolo
  • Birbèt (type of Brachetto typical of the Roero, birbante meaning “naughty” in Italian) a slightly sparkling and sweet wine.
  • Cardunaj dry Brachetto


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