Isastegi is an old family estate located in the town of Tolosa in the Basque Country of Spain. The estate was originally covered by pastures for cattle, with only a few apple trees for the family to make a small amount of cider for itself. In 1983 they decided to switch from livestock to cider output and started selling their cider to the public. Pastures were replaced by orchards and a small part of the house became dedicated to cider production. Over the years the demand for Isastegi cider has increased and the family’s country house has adapted to the changes. Recent renovations added new state-of-the-art pressing and bottling rooms as well as a larger space for the kupelas (old, large, oak cider barrels) and the txotx (spring tasting) season visitors. The folks at Isastegi pride themselves on their local focus and are members of Sagardo Gorenak, the local trade society that assures the quality of Basque ciders through stringent analysis and an adherence to usings only local apples with no added carbonation or sugars. Learn more.

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