About Us


Founded in 1985, Estate Wines, Ltd. is a company that believes in artisan wineries. Our interests have always been with wineries and winemakers who are keen on producing wines that reflect a place. A sense of soil and history for the wines. “Travelogue wines”: wines that can transport you to a place, recall a memory of a vacation past. With more than twenty six years of experience traveling in both the old world and the new, buying wines from artisan producers, we have amassed an exciting collection of more than 110 wineries. Our name says it all: Estate Wines, Ltd. wines produced from estate-grown fruit, with an average production level of 5,000 cases, and produced by owners of the estate or domaine. We are proud to represent the “cutting edge” artisan wineries, the “overachievers,” as well as the more traditional family wineries.

As specialists in artisan wines, we market our wineries to the finest restaurants, hotels and independent retail stores in California.

We hope you enjoy our wines. We are proud of our winemakers and wineries, and are privileged to work with so many talented and interesting people.