We are proud to be the California importer of these excellent, unique wines from a tiny winery in a tiny wine region, from the serious, very hard working and quality obsessed.

Elio Ottin is farming on the edge, these vines are a high as they will naturally ripen, thus giving a distinct, vibrant, engaging Alpine profile. Learn more.

The region:

In the North West of Italy, the Valle d’Aosta is its smallest wine region. The long, narrow valley formed by the River Dora Baltea, is the connecting link to France and Switzerland. The rugged alpine terrain here, is postcard stunning and the vines grow on insanely steep, terraced hillsides overlooking the magnificent land below. In the shadow of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur, Zermatt and Chamonix this is some of the most stunning scenery in Italy.

The winery:

OTTIN (Viticulteur- Encaveur)  ottinvini.it

This small, seven hectare winery (2800 cs / yr) was first founded in 1989 and then fully formed in 1999, when Elio started life as a full time winegrower/farmer.

The vineyards

At 600-700 meters in the calcareous, sand, rocky thin soils.

The Wines:

Petite Arvine
A grape that migrated from the Swiss Canton of Valais. Famous for grapefruit, chamomile, lime blossoms, wet stone and white floral hints. Ages well. Raised in 100% stainless steel. 700 cases produced.  The only white wine of the estate.

Tourette Superieur
An alpine blend of 80% Petit Rouge (ancient native VdA grape), 10% Cornalin, 10% Fumin.  Raised in 800 gallon casks. 350 cases produced. Red plums, spices, bouillon, black berries, an almost Cab Franc like profile but with more spice.

A VdA native, difficult to grow and late budding, it is ideally suited to the cold climate and challenging weather of the valley. Spicy, vibrant, crunchy and lively with acid and zest, it is a perfect example of the cold alpine wines of the VdA.

750 cases produced. Very few VdA estates bottle a Fumin on its own. Elio likes a challenge…

Pinot Noir
Raised in 800 gallon and 500 gallon casks. 750 cases produced. A Burgundian clone planted in 1989. Delicate and lovely, almost Schiava like, sour cherry, bitter red fruits, light in body and color but sneaky persistence.

Truly perfumed, elegant, cool raspberry fruit. Succulent, long and refreshing. Beautifully polished tannins and an aromatic, lingering finish. Gorgeous.

Although it is not an Italian native, Pinot Noir thrives in certain cool climate spots across the country.

January 2018 – Italy’s TOP Pinot Noirs

Elio Ottin produces one of the best pinot noirs of Italy. His house-cellar-stable is located between the Western Alps in the small and delicious Perossan Neyves fraction, just outside the city of Aosta. Here at an altitude of 600 + meters he raises vines of petit arvine, cornalin, fumin and pinot noir on calcareous and stony soil on steep slopes.

In this harsh, cold and dry climate, the vine struggles to survive and Elio works like crazy to give life to extraordinary wines. He is not fully aware of how good they are.


Of the many wrinkles in the Italian wine tapestry, one of the wrinkleist is about as far northwest as you can go in Italy. There, tucked away in the Alps beneath looming Mount Blanc, the tallest peak in the chain, is the smallest Italian viticultural region, brimming with little known wines that are capable of offering great pleasure.

Eric Asimov, NYT


Wines currently available

  • Petite Arvine
  • Tourette Superieur
  • Fumin
  • Pinot Noir
Nicholas & Elio Ottin
Nicholas & Elio Ottin
Aosta Valley
Aosta Valley
Elio Ottin
Elio Ottin


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