Located in northern Piemonte in the commune of Gattinara, this high altitude, cool climate site create mineral and earth driven Nebbiolo. The Antoniolo family uses a light touch to allow the pure and precise flavors to shine.

Founded in 1949 and today operated by Lorella and Alberto Antoniolo, this small (15 hectare) estate is a classic Alto Piemonte example of a focused family winery.  Here in the glacial moraine soils of Gattinara, the winery farms only the indigenous Nebbiolo and Erbaluce.  The vineyards here are a mix of  glacial moraine/sand, limestone and white clay. The average age of the vines is thirty years.

Antoniolo remains a reference point for what Nebbiolo in northern Piedmont is all about. I can’t recommend these wines highly enough. 

-Antonio Galloni

Wines currently available

  • Rosato Lorella (Nebbiolo) Coste Della Sesia DOC
  • Juvenia Nebbiolo Coste Della Sesia DOC
  • Gattinara DOCG 12x750ml & 12x375ml
  • Gattinara Le Castelle DOCG
  • Gattinara San Francesco DOCG
  • Gattinara Osso San Grato DOCG

San Francesco vineyard
San Francesco vineyard


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