From their stunning winery site- on the edge of Serralunga, the Pira team produce classically dark and powerful wines, true to the high iron and clay content in the soils. Tar, iodine, smoked meat and earth are typical components in any vintage.

Founded in 1950 by Rosa and Luigi Pira, this small family cantina is now run by their sons- Giampaolo and Romolo and their families. Covering twelve hectares total, the Pira crus are the finest in Serralunga: Vignarionda, Marenca and Margheria. As is so often the case with EWL producers, the winemakers address is the same as the vineyards. They live among the vines, thus insuring a very close eye on all seasons. The Pira home/cantina is at the top of the hill, looking down on Marenca, Margheria and Vignarionda. Learn more.


Wines currently available

  • Langhe Nebbiolo - a one hectare vineyard planted in 1999. 450 cases per vintage.
  • Barolo Serralunga - a blend of the various crus. Vines date from 1959 to 1999. Calcareous and clay soils at 350 meters. 700 cases per vintage
  • Barolo Margheria - a one and half hectare vineyard planted in 1959. 600 cases per vintage
  • Barolo Marenca - a two hectare vineyard planted in 1990. 650 cases per vintage
  • Barolo Vignarionda- a one hectare vineyard in the grand cru of Serralunga. 320 cases per year.
Gianpaolo Pira on the terrace at the winery overlooking Marenca Vineyard
Gianpaolo Pira on the terrace at the winery overlooking Marenca Vineyard


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